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with elastic bandaging, massage, and elevation of the
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when sharpened as is usually done they have to be held
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Herter's attempts at differential diagnosis between sar-
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Further examination revealed the presence of an ano-
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bert A. Arnold, of Montgomery County, have been ap-
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Dr. Zentmayer said that he had the records of four cases of
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has been regarded as an index to the existence of fatty degenera-
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cramps of the same kind as those that occur in cholera,
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injection of filtered serum will, on being injected into
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the middle of it, put in it the yolks of the eggs, freed from the
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nosis been made by this means all the patients might
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tailed monkey, which was also used in these experi-
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tumour, through the effect of exertion in the erect posture, the morbid state of
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486 MISSOURI MEDICINE/ August 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 8
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for a perch ; the bill and comb become black ; tumours, or red
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of uncertain seat, 120; nervous organs, 175; respiratory organs, 334;
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in neurasthenia. As to the dosage, he has settled down to one sixth grain
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found her as I had seen her before, melancholy, despond-
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table to its use. It is to be hoped the claim that corrosive sublimate is
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thus not a disease of the intestine per se, ae this may,
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effervesced, &c." (p. 474). It would, assuredly, be more cre»
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and standing postures to determine the efficiency of the vasomotor
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be adhered to in this paper, as the work deals with the enzyms
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■ romid treatment was at a minimum during a large part of the
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find this in children above the average in mental ability. The slowness
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become large and cause marked pain from tension, or
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did not, necessarily, imply any physical change in them, since
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There are at present 147,704 miles of railways in the
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has not yet been definitely determined. Kirchhoff^ publishes
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ach. Two hours later a second and a third and then a
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surgeon, joined the rebels at Edinburgh. James Volume, sur-
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scorbutus, associated with vibices and ecchymoses of variable size and
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to the general condition. To this effect I prescribe
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