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repeated since the days of Sydeuhanij by whom it was announced

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few short coughs this dose has produced no discernible evidences of

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present which notes the advancement which has been made in this

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spectacular but the influence of preventive work on

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passing per anum for about two years. Although never in

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a shoe boil on a horse. In all of these diseases it

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power to bestow and are alike sensible of our mutual and external duties

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essary calculations the impressions are reduced in size

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violet and carbol fuchsin and was very retentive of the dye

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received more extensive treatment but the book is eminently conserva

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of alimentary maladies. Defective digestion produces poor blood

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ling treatment. It has been a common remark that syph

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away or fragments of torn fascia to be removed from between the

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corrosives it exerts demulcent and emollient effects further

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union of bladder wound and of external wound l y first intention.

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that micturition was particularly painful under two conditions when the

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in size and after a variable but usually short time they burst

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age of the Golden Fleece. And so the story of Jonah

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stock it will be mailed post paid upon receipt of. to

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cause eruptions on the skin a like effect may be produced

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tubercles cancers and other morbid products in the chest.

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the men who want accredited herds and who benefit b them

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indica oes. Qual e o melhor tratamento da hypoemia intertropical Queimaduras.

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recognized. Experimentally as pointed out by Legg and previously by

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tion of the thyroid enlargement and improvement iu the

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According to William L. Clark who originated this method it is

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volved blood appearing in the urine as the first indication that

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After the candidate has passed these exaininalions he

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when once the invagination has become irreducible. It

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Physiologists have now established the important fact that tlie cardiac

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community or that can in any way become an unsanitary nui

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