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additional argument against the establishment of an open drainage
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Mobius very correctly excludes from the category of
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nerve is almost exclusively affected. This is shown by the fact that out
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slightest vexation, or upon fantastical grounds of vexation, is similai'ly
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multipara. In these cases I noticed tiie same phenomena as in
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ure, yet, as a rule, more harm than good follows their
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and will, we think, become a favorite. As all theoretical
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taneous birth of seventy — corresponding to the Hippocratic
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the removed thyroid mounted in formalin jelly. It looks especially
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This Microfilaria was found by Powell in 1903 in the blood of a
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digestive stimulants, in flatulent dyspepsia, amenorrhrca,
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A small drop of infected blood is placed in the liquid of cultivation, and
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eign bodies removed after death, is that of a girl who died
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Members of the Unit. London : J. & A. Churchill. 1916. (6s.net.)
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munication to Mass. Med. Society, Number 1, page 45.
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treat special affections better than specialists. This objection would
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dred dollars per annum. In addition to these salaries, after
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sides acc^'ssible to fragments; relying for strength less
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not care half so much about diphtheria as he did about the
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female wards of the Hospital have been constructed with a special view to
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Second District, Dr. A. T. VanVranken, Albany County.
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will be put on record, since they throw light upon the problem of
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exhaustion, the strength is conserved in every way, the
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there is very little hemorrhage from the uterine ends of the vessels.
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If the influenzal encephalitis spares the motor centers and tracts,
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emerges from it near the Glaserian fissure, descends to meet the
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seldom if ever dispensed in bottles. I have never found it
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In conclusion, I wish to state that in two cases of
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starting in the middle of the brow, touching the forehead
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(it) then on the feet, and on the sinews ; then that
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difficult, and exercise laborious. By striking the side
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trichinosis. It was important to know that trichinae
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perience confirms to our astonishment that magic can
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fer desseche, Fr.; entwasserte schwefelsaures eisenoxydul, G.
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lesions are found in this way because such lesions will often pro-
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carried on in Munich over a number of years, reached the conclusion that
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gant expenditure of the public money to provide for
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be one of an eventful character, having been marked in the first
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torily by some form of traction apparatus, but in transverse frac-
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Periodic monitoring of white blood cell counts in patients with collagen vas-
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operating in his private room in the hospital and not before the class.