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plaster of Paris skin fitting which was worn for four
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from the start when their labors have been normal and when there is
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tities and at frequent intervals has been given and
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inquiry before us experiment on man in health and disease
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able. The glycerine thickens the preparation and prevents
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is revealed in its full absurdity by Kitasato s discovery.
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The subject of our sketch taught school first in Glas
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is excited respecting the treatment of insane persons and when
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junction of its posterior and middle third. An injury
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quently from the surface into the substance and there increasing
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the outcome of careful investigation and his testimony as to the
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proper external temperature. Exposure to cold and moisture and
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statistics which are calculated to aid the student or practitioner.
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other organs were attacked. Stirling concludes that it is probably less
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given to Gushing for calling attention to this dimin
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projections from the floor and walls are seen. The left labium is
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examination and treatment of concomitant strabismus.
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this he visited Dr. James Heyman of the Radium Hemet of Stock
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influence of humidity of the soil especially in the
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At birth the esophagus is about seven inches in length
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placed on the tongue. This should never be exceeded
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it is stated that Ruchel has collected cases of re
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ter indicate an involvement of the small intestines