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The disease appears in either the acute or chronic form. In

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of destruction of the hypophysis. It was believed at

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last one or two months and then the chronic stage follows the

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the abdominal muscles are tense so that the abdomen is large

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rabbits even when it is dusted upon the infected wounds.

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blood more cough when lying on right side. Over left apex

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production and since it also j ossesses antisej tic properties and is excreted

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potentiality hence an operator who cannot bring a calm

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a form of massage whose first object is to lessen the pleu

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travenous injection or by the mouth but always injected

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mortally sick of puerperal fever from which they died.

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filled up with granulations and in about a month was perfectly healed.

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develops an acute or chronic suppurative ear trouble

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indulge Such high days do not come again. The lads de

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with intermittent fever which had lasted two months

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