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to freshen or resect the ends of the nerve in order

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In some instances the skilful management of the convalescent and the

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considerable pain. Now the inner portion of the right orbit is the seat of a

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the primary concerns of physicians is the relief of pain.

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Perinephric Abscess, — ^Without a clear history the di£Perentiation cannot be

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wet sheets, or to pour cold water over him, etc For moderating the

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100 square kilometres, and so on. In the whole empire

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least, that seems to be indicated by the fact that these cor-

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lution of hmbs ou both sides, iiappinsr of cheeks during expiration, insensi-

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be seen vei-y clearly in the living cell. Similar effects produced by T o x o -

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-general consultant is, as a rule, ten to twenty-five dollars

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pulmonary circulation w r hich produces this hypertrophy of the right

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ing, as an intentional deceit, which is exhibited by the medium

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some pathological or anatomical condition favorable to the

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thus as a cement or plaster for sealing up sinks, cess-

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fill the tent and are inhaled. From twenty to forty grains can be used

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of blood-corpuscles, the recognition of urinary sediments.

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In speaking of innocent tumors, he referred especially to eoitre and the sup-

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a dark and cool place, and, further, must be used in large doses,

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railway spine, movements of the spine under anesthesia

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. Lungs — right, firmly bound down by adhesions ; being almost one

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meated by moisture, or in shape of a simple veil or shield from flies

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foreign bodies, and wounds and fistulae of the bladder.

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the proceeding" — to draw or to push the skin towards the

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alh' increased to a pint, provided that the daily quantity of

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important element, as it has frequently been my expe-

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he designates them, fuscedo cutis; ephelis; lentigo;