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Of the eight cases so studied five gave evidence of being of
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sil berol. A trade name for silver sulphocarbolatc
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dulness drowsiness and at times coma may be present or conditions of
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acid with the aid of bone black then from ligroin the substance
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In milder cases the symptoms are those of ordinary diarrhoea due to dietetic
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might underlie them. Dr. Hawthorne had pointed out one possible important
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respiration is almost wholly diaphragmatic and suggestive of weak
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On January Ist the patient was put under the influence of
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womb only is afiedted in confequence of hard labour frequent mifcarriages a
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Salicj late of soda has almost taken the place of a specific
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Medical Profession to the above subject and mentioned that
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The President shall be authorized annually to appoint delegates
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coitus or the leprous semen may be drifted onwards to fecundate
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Sect.. Condition of the Patient at the time of Observa
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enlargement of the cervical lymphatic glands mouth
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Pathological characters. Thcsc are similar to what is observed in
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Winckel is the only writer who describes a sebaceous retention cyst of the
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containing blood cells pigment and brain sand and va
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ring may be placed outside of this in the same way.
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strated a slight prolongation of the activated partial
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as pneumonia chronic bronchitis consumption etc. may follow
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The prognosis in general may therefore be termed favorable
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when analyzed and in the experienced hand it is the
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narily other structures are also involved giving rise to symptoms of focal
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ill for a number of days but by the vigorous use of
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and epithelioma of the cervix. Less frequently ante
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ancient philosophers who mighty in intellect though they
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matter w hatsoever. The general character of these cells
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from this line but not a considerable one this enables
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its diminution. Some agriculturists have recommended very stringent