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Medicine had for a long time been mere empiricism a

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The Treatment with Ovarian Extract. In view of our adopted

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Among other forerunners a large number of infectious diseases are

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patient had had five or six abortions previous to this condition.

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are germs. We may regard such sabstanoes as poisonous and as

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tion of the subject therefore from the point of view

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stead of causing amelioration of symptoms and fall in temperature

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State. Practically all State legislatures have aided in bringing public opinion

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of Biafra in the Gaboon region and along the valley of the Ogoou.

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face. The feet dropped. She could weakly move the legs in bed

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we learn the relative connection of two orders of pheno

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thick rods not unlike an oval coccus inoculations failed.

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spine may possibly be due to reflex action or as Agnew

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fever which proves most fatal among them while variola

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tissue. The second called definitive callus is formed by the immediate