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times a day. This acts as a stimulant to the nerve. Wash

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after having been some time attached to the Surgeon General s

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the entire literature with regard to its occurrence in the United States

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ing and gangrenous character leadmg to a fatal termination. When

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attacks of flashing ceased the loss of vision also disappeared.

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When inflammation which we have seen is depurative in its incept

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of the ribs and enlargement of the lower epiphyseal line of the

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The case is quite different in the chronic intestinal catanh of ehU

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ment with rest and digitalis. The ventricles are absolutely irregular but beat

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pear although perhaps somewhat slowly and the patients recover.

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was recovered and proved to be identical with the strain inoculated.

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attack of acute rheumatism has very little influence upon suc

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tissue and vessels the mother cells become isolated very

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ally in not running such a rapid course. But although these cases did

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Dr. Severn P. Costin a young physician of bright promise aud for the

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Hospital during the year we learn that the number of patients who were

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son Cleaves Graham and myself. The patient seemed much

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the floor of the nasal cavity entirely open in either of these

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tended appendix. Pressure upon the blood vessels in

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made. Five intestinal perforations were found two of