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haemoptysis, is not to be received in any case as an indication of the absence of
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Mr. Thomas Morson (Pharm. Journ., May 18, 1872), viz., that
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esults of his researches on the relative length and weight of the bones which
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Edited by Irma H. Ullrich, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Section of Endocrinology and Metabolism
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Rhode Island Medical Society, 106 Francis Street, Providence 3, Rhode Island.
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Cir. Pract., Feb. 7, 1902) performed bilateral sympa-
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hunger, thirst, fatigue, sexual desire, nausea, dizziness,
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causing a lateral impaction preventing free drainage.
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Unwilling to leave the great book on the Seats and Causes of
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and to the practice, of filling in hollows with all manner of refuse.
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13. Large swollen extracellular form. Note the coarse fused blocks of pigment.
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affection. C. Y. Hodge* has invited attention to certain changes in nerve-
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resis. Tlie stigmas should be gathered while tluy are
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the ilio-psoas (ram); on the left side of the body the iliac vein lies at